Monday, June 25, 2007

New Thomas duplo trains

For a DUPLO thomas lovers there is 3 more set coming
Gordon with 8 wheels plate and short 4 wheels cool wagon with a passenger coach, the nice is the new 8 wheels brick, more greet if it has the bar from steam engines. Spencer with the 8 wheels plats and the little boss figure which have been missing in the other Thomas set, they have no figures. It wish the have a the figures of the person running the train to.
sadly I want that figure but not the Spencer set. Salty is a diesel engine with 6 wheels and a short 4 wheels transport wagon.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Nice duplo ships

Here is Brickshelf user Jesper-Thuesen which has build 5 very nice ship in duplo, which look very realistic. There is a cargo-ship, coaster, fanoe-ferry, pilotship and a tanker. I hope he will build and document more ships in the future.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Explore the Intelli-Train, new DUPLO site

Great news a new DUPLO site, everything about the intelli-train. Analys the technics behind, how differnt cargo on wagons make differnt sounds, with IR-technics. Analys the 7 different code bricks. More amazing analyse of all possible code bricks, finding 2 more bricks which is in no sets. the small picture make a wash sound. It have a layout section with some strangs and funs DUPLO trains layouts. I hope there will more layouts in the futures.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

BricksJournal nr 5 is out

BrickJournal nr 5 is out with 116 pages again. This time about the 5m hangar ship and the real LEGO factories and much more. It is very good readings

Friday, September 08, 2006

A major big duplo castle

Here is a real big duplo castle, when they sold out the old castle set 4777 Knights' Castle and 4776 Dragon Tower in sweden i bought one of each. The guy which called himself marsupilami in brickshelf (more pictures) must have 5 4779 Defence Tower at least 4-6 4777 Knights' Castle and some 4776 Dragon Tower and at least one 4785 Black Castle which is a large castle one that set. Beside that a huge number of transparant bricks which is in only a few duplo set. If Lego group have build it I am not so impress, but if this a work of private person I am very impress. the article about it in The brother brick blog which make many entries a week about nice Lego moc. Now they are four bloggers.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

DUPLO pirates is out in Europe

In Europe shop at home (The link can changes) you can buy 4 different duplo pirat set.
7883 Treasure Hunt with a skeleton figure, an muskeet and cheest.
Shark Attack With a large one piece shark and a duplo chain
7881 DUPLO® Pirate Ship With a large shippart (sadly) and a working and childrens safe gun.
DUPLO® Big Pirate Ship Large duplo ship many special pieses.
This set make some interesting new DUPLO parts I will go for at leats one 7883 and if I get a good price for 7881 the ship to get chain.
For the moment this thing is found in baby and toddle section 0-2 years, and the set is label 3-6 or 4-7 so the links maybee will be updated. Most of the time US get the new stuff first so this is interesting.
I found building links to instructions on Brickley’s Words to LEGO site for PDF-big-pirat-ship and PDF-pirat-ship. The chain an anchor is two pieces thanks for that.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Juni 2006 Duplo is out

There is many interestings Duplo news for the rest of year 2006.
A new big pink doll house 4966 and big white police house 4965 has come now all duplo play set have change to 2 side big wall bricks on a 8x8 knob area insteed of the paper carton walls. In house you get 8 wall elememets, in police house 6 wall elemets. I have wait since 2005 for the big doll house, but I wanted red walls or more neutral color to make real looking house in my Duplo town.
The perfect Duplo starter set is the 5480 with a 5 windows and a red arch, 2 figures, and 2x6 car brick. A big box 5181 with 128 bricks to build animals for making a zoo with both grey and black pieses and two figures is out in States. Thomas the train have hit the stores in sweden, I bought all except Tobby. Bob the builder two new set. Later LEGO will have a Duplo pirate products with a ghostship 7881, shark attack 7882 and a small island called treasur hunt 7883.

Friday, May 26, 2006

BrickJournal 4: The LCAD Issue

It is a good number about adult lego fans activites, how make own Lego manuals. Many different bat-themes things. Toy fair 2006 preview Lego models for autum. Build a B1 Interested ads about ME-models, using POV for making nice models. Here is all four issues on Joe's Brickjournal page.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a 8 foot Duplo Sphinx

On Lugnet announce Robin from Brickville DesignWorks they have build a 8 foot model of the Great Sphinx for a exhibit in Vancouver. Total of 35000 bricks and 95% was Duplo bricks, it took 70 man-hours to build. I look very nice and is the biggest Duplo models I have seen outside Legoland. more info check out this lugnet post .

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Small and easy build Duplo castle and a village

I tried with so few bricks make a castle elements a wall, tower, gate. This inspire the children which begin in same elements build larger castles. The scale is perfect for old duplo figures, which is 2 bricks high. After this I was thinken of a new challenge to build Duplo thing with so few bricks. We will se what happans.
VicLUG has make i working big collections of links, and with duplo links to and a nice reference to wiki-brick-links, I thanks for that.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nice duplo toolo trucks build with SNOT

I am glad Every time I found a new Duplo builder on Brickshelf, here is Frandom which make very nice Toolo trucks with SNOT (Studs Not On Top) building in the front. He had made 7 different constructions so far. I hope there will be more.
A Duplo trainer is samurai74 which had make some different train layout with 4 points and 2 crossings and 2 bridges.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

12 Cool Lego things to show non Legofan

How to explain for a non Lego Fan what amazing thing you can do,
Here is a good page to start with Cool Lego links which have 12 different amazing thing to show your non Lego fan

This page could help spread the world about how amazing Lego constructions could be. I hope this will be populare in for add it click on add it to I found most new site in delicious for w-b-l

Duplo Block-o-dile on lego shop at home

The Block-o-dile which is a toy look like a big crodile which eating duplo bricks fro fun and easy cleaning is in for swedish user and thomas & friends is in shop for swedish market
so watch out there is maybee something in your favorite themes which is only in sale in S@H and not in stores, this thing have not been found in stores i tried get a block-o-dile in Dublin but failed.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brickjournal 3 is on Bimp 116 pages about Lego

The ultimate Lego journal is out again.
It is 18Mb and 116 pages, Yes that right 116 pages, 18Mb I browse the page it covers events and the different themes.
It is Bimp but there is many download so it took near one hour but less than ten minutes with bittorrent PDF-Magazine for adulds lego fan se Nr 3 18mb onBimp Later will it come up on legofan/BrickJournal
Thanks to Vignettebricks which saw that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

VignetteBricks by Bruce

all about Vignette which is a scene built of LEGO bricks on a small base A blog updatingen more dan daily many days, It is like a very slow movie with new picture comming in then and then. This pictures show clearly that building in big size in not everything insteed making a small picture catching a moment in the minifigs lifes. He write and build small stories at bricktales.

Dunchaser's Minifigs Blocklog

Mostly everyday Dunchaser find nice photos of minifigs in with different clothes and matching small things. He collect links to english and japanese blogs and other minifig resourses. Beside thats runs another blog which updates often called Pan-Pacific Bricks Which have lego things crossing japanese and english culture

Mouse Network

A Lego blog about new things of the company and news about BrickNebula. Focus in on Space and Sci-fi and the club COLTC.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

W-B-L Pageshots Lego directory

Wiki Brik Link have been honor of a five back links so far, so they get a own extra directory with screenshots. If any lego pages make a backlink they will be both in pageshots and on the right side on this blog. I also have the same good offer for I hope this will make some more baklinks. I have got one blog entry in and in the podcast #13 from brickneubla which talk about exaforce. And bimp has also relase the #19 . I save the big Duplo zoo in sale in swedish store and the 2006 stuff is realy out there now.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Choosing a wiki

Who to choose a wiki for a master lego index. If you have some small lego topic a wiki could be sollutions to let everybody help editing that. Here is different wikis. First choose is wikipedia which has many readers, but they have rules aginst many extern link and link pages saying that only one or two relevant External_links .
iF RUNNING OWN SERVER god reading is Comparison_of_wiki_software But that was no options i want a sollution that work over long time, not depending on me to handle a physic machine or paying a service for the day i AM out the communty the service will be stoped.
most persons have bookmarks on thier favorites pages, so only when searching for something new or when your are a beginner you need a good catalog over different times.
So there are alot of wikifarms Simons bridewell have test 14 free wikis and make the test in a wiki so you can get the look and feel. FreeWikiHosts Some have textbase GUI, PBWiki i like that befor i know there is only one password for everyone who shouold update, which only work in close groups when everybody knows each others. More wikis WikiFarms. I test JotSpot also but that is very unclear how much is free and when to pay.
WikiSpaces seems exactly what I need, and there is alot of the screenspace for you, they only use some in the up and bottom. It has text add in the right but your dont think much of it. So that day I dont pay the service the dns name is still their, the only thing is could be good to have is more manager to solve some troubles.
The Duplo things I have done is for the 10-100 interested in Duplo, but wiki-brick-links is for all person in lego community, it had some renaming pages and a move but know I think the structure is very good and easy to navigate, Non-english forum and groups are sorted under languages.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wiki Lego links

I started a wicki for Lego links called wicki-brick-links whith 309 links to start with. There is a nearly complete list to clubs and groups. It have many links for different subthemes. I have looked on over +500 pages for analysed if thier is add some good value to Lego community. Everypage can't be taken in a begining.
I think everyone looking at this wick-brick-links will found some good site they didn't know, I have found many interestings site when doing a manual craw over the lego world.
Help is needed to edit, add and spread the world and to manage the space.
Lego links index and Lego train and town page.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lego Catalog 2006 scan in 1000steine

Many new Duplo thing and a big brick only box 4422 which has been sold in Sweden but now in catalog. The set 5580 has an big red arch which have been in the castle set befor. this is a very nice duplo beginers set odd duplo bricks like 2 windos, chairs, 1 car, 2 figs, plates.

Monday, December 19, 2005

2006 duplo set has arrived in lego shop

The big news is that Duplo Thomas the engine has arrived sets 5552, 5554, 5555, 5556 has arrived in many more country as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, not Spain and Portugal. In USA and Canada Thomas has got two more friend Harold the Helicopter 3300, not very interesting with a two pieces helicopter. Much interesting is the Cargo-Loading Cranky 3301 which has a turnbrick with a base of 4 x 4 knobs, if it has more than 4 knobs on upside this is what I been waiting years for, a Duplo turnbrick.
The large Duplo zoo set 4968 is there but not the big zoo 4960 which has been in the sneak previews. Many car and transport set has arrived. Now there is 3 set with a 2 x 2 turnbrick Airport Rescue Truck 7844, Thomas 5554 and to the lowest price Percy 5556 in Sweden. Many other nice lego set can be found at shop at home i like the new serie of mechas called EXO-force 7700 - 7705, 7708, 7011. I like the city ambulance 7890 and Harry Potter in graveyard duel 4766.
The skyscrapes in brickshelf has been viewed more than 2500 times which is 10 time more than most of my duplo constructions.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Duplo movie town pictures

First I build a big duplo town for making a playground with homes, offices and stores to have all normal service in life. There is many functions missings but my bricks and floor space was enough to 13 buildning. Later I rebuild the lego town with the train in the middle. Buy two 500W lamps and make the movie. With two extra 500w lamps long shutter time and manuel with balans I could take real good models photos. Photes label movie town is taking with extra light.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

How to publish a duplo train movie on the and other places

I build a duplo town for children to play with and for making a movie, adding my small digital camera on a train. With two extra 500W light it worked out in the first shoot after 3 houres prepering and testing.
I tried to upload the small 1 MB on brickshelf, they didnt accept it. So were to find a free movie site? In is a great resours for everything about lego movies and a index over movies, but have no storage. They like but your need the guide to get anything up there.

I put up the movie on 3 movie service here you can compare the differens free movies, downloads, tags, stats, review, ratings, no ads 10 movie 2minutes, 1000 pictures No tags,comments, search only for user names, comments, watch only online. free movies, tags, rates, (many movies not for children), watch only online.

Jusspress can store thumbsnails which go direct to jusspress and the movie or picture.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Duplo in Wiki

I write a article about Lego Duplo in Wiki but is not complete so please edit and fix and add some more facts
Still adding Lego and Duplo links to it is over 200 links

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Duplo people site

Get a letter from Hanna which have , which is only about duplo people. (like lego minifigs) Very nice site. Has reference on +400 set and there duplo figures.
I have search the Internet in many way on the word DUPLO without finding this site. so thanks for the letter.
It was directly add to my link collection about duplo

I tried mocpages and put in my 3 best duplo things a train, spaceship and skyscrapers. The judgment was skyscraper 4 of 5, train 3, spaceship 1. Lesson I have to work alot before making a model space peoble likes. Glady most like the skyscraper which is most work in.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

LEGO and DUPLO Links

Now i had put 154 lego and dupo links, go through some lego collections links and sorted out broken links or news which is many years old. So in this moment they are working links.
I had put in all duplo things of my interest I found on the internet.

I put everything in a link collections with tags on
I had put help and index in my webpages in

ratings is done Here is the my absolute favorites pages on Interent are many cool LEGO websites resourses for LEGO community.

Main group is
I have a own rating system for what i felt for that site in that moment i tag it
from kb1 to kb5 which 5 is best for that is so in sweden.
In this thing can be combine

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Building 15 floor duplo skyscrap

This LEGO Duplo Skyscrapers is 235 cm 7 ft 8 in height. It has 15 stories and underground is a subways station. It was build in 3 part subways stastion, 7 big floor and last 8 floor with balcony it took about 4 buildings days not full time. It nice with Duplo it goes relly fast as soon the design is finnish.
It is more than more than 1300 Duplo bricks. It have taken month to get buy all bricks. I have over one years time bought 10 duplo set 5213 which is 140 bricks and 96 of 2x4 in four color so now I am ready to build big duplo things. like this skyscrapers. It had 839 viewers in 7 days in brickshelf which is a new record for me, I it is fun to se that many peoble is interested to see work in duplo to.

I found one more serious duplo builder in brickshelf
which nice duplo themes

I bought more part from duplo-anna and mystic sweet which is base in german but booth ship wordwide and speak english in mail both take paypal, this is my two favorites duplo shops. The descriptions is in german.
Ebay Duplo shops: Mystic sweet, Duplo figures, puppets, house, bricks
Ebay Duplo shops: Duplo Anna, Duplo trains wagons and tracks

Monday, September 12, 2005

Building a duplo skyscrapers

Building this toke some hours and my daugher help me finnish it up.
all pictures
I have been in legoland and buy some duplo my little robot set which had never been sold in sweden i think it had been sold only in UK

In sweden september 2005- jan 2006 catalog had arrived
Most thing can be bought in legoshop on web and some in toystores
A very big duplo castle 4785
Airport serie 7840-7843
Princess serie 4820-4822
New bob the builder sets 3292-3297

And the most interesting the new trainset with no intili bricks and with a plane plate 4 x 6 to build new engines models The big question can they go backwards
3770 handpush engine with a wagon
3771 , 3772 small and big batteri train set giving much more value than the olds ones
3773 crossing with a sign
3774 very nice bridge
3775 points to lower price and simpler design
3778 station
here is a glap in the serie wonder what will come on the number 3776 and 3777
To se picture and put referens number last in
In a swedish postage order toy store i found
But they dont bet my favorite 5213 with 140 pices
9 2x2, 23 2x4, 2 2x6, 1 2x8 in each color green,blue,red,yellow
which make easy to build some bigger structure, these set had only been
sold as a special offer in 2003-2004 in sweden, today very few is left on shelf
My all time favorite has strata 4039 which only i had seen in webshop a short time
it has 12 plates 2x4 4 transparant 2x2 2 transparant 2x4 4 whithe 2x2 21 2x4 33 2x2 and about 13 special bricks. This mix make a lot of interestings buildings

Friday, June 17, 2005

DUPLO in space

I like SF and try to build some different space ships in DUPLO. Then learning paint shop pro for cutting out the models and putting them on a new planet. More photos on bricksshelf

Sunday, June 12, 2005

More klasbricks pictures on Bricksshelf

Big train inspired by photos of reel trains and build this engine later i visit In the same city they had a toy store with most duplo bricks for money 5213 it is more than 150 bricks and best part it has 96 standar 2x4 bricks. I bought 6 sets, so now can I build duplo models in one color of green,blue,red and yellow.
Now i have visitors/views on brickshelfs cars 447, circus 443 houses 328, monorail 501,toolo 333, train 333. The greetest thing is to be in google index. Search onklasbricks and this blog, my homepage is found. Search for duplo circus or duplo monorails give my pages to.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Small lego, have greats fans and builders

I feel hapy for somebody have seen my DUPLO stuff. I had 396 visitors on monorail, 221 on circus, 223 on cars on my

Here is a sidestep in the DUPLO-blog just to show some great normal lego builders which makes one to feel very simple but when searching for DUPLO i stumble over amazing things

A lot of trains more than 20 engines ,how much this must have cost go up and se all his other stuff

A model of the one of the worlds larges mobil lattic boom cranes Gottwald_AK850-1 the model is 5.2 m height and toke 250 hours to build of 6676 bricks. Other stuff off him

From the movie wing commander the carrier and other stuff of Dan Jassim

How to build a grandfathers clock with lego grandfathers

How to solve the cube with lego Cubesolver

Some shows
Pakenham Modellers Group Show 14-15 May 2005
Brisbane Train Show 2005
Ithaca train show
Finger Lakes Rail Fair April 2004
Museum of American Heritage exhibit Dec 2004
Buildings from the TCLTC layout

Amazing thing on brickshelf there publishing 20-40 more picture and galleries every days
at this the moment it just went down I realy hope they will get brickshef up again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cool duplo pictures found on brickshelf

Today I started a brickshelf acount it's free and you can publish pictures of LEGO things it has no catogory for duplo but you can put your on keywords
Here is my best duplo models shots

Here is some others people duplo stuff i found searching on duplo on very big duplo town Old town in duplo house and a new bug

On internet search for duplo, found for student DC city 2002 very big duplo town duplo camp 1999

Sunday, May 22, 2005

DUPLO Trains and Thomas 2005 has arrived on photo

When looking in bricksset in Duplo, Trains I se the set 3770-3775,3778 in picture.
Buy watching picturw I think it is like
3770 My first train, push train and 1 wagon
3771 Train Starter set, look like battery train engine with 4x6 knob to build what you want and 4x2 knobs which is starter button and a wagon. Track with a crossing, I think it would be build like a 8
3772 Delux Train Set, Engine with 2 wagons, and one point and a big 4x8 tip wagon
3774 Bridge nice looking with new big element size about 4x8 and 6 hieght

Thomas the engine push trains It can be bougt at in USA, I hope find any shop which can ship it to sweden. Here the boxes here pictures
5552 james which is a big engine so it have a standar 2x6 train brick and a think a 2x4 small wagon for col.
Both 5554 Thomas and pecry 5556 set had i new turn brick 2x2x1.
The best thing It seem to take a thomas set and make it motorized with the set above.
I feel buying 3772 deluxe, 3774 bridge, thomas 5554, james 5552, percy 5556 set.
It seems that my kid will recive alot of trains for christmas evening. /Klasbricks

How to buy a digital cammera

When i look for digital cammera the site imaging-resource had more than all info i needed, it has long reviews which says more about my cammera than the manual did.
I bought casio EZ-55 which have manunell focus, which is small and nice but havn't manuel time and blender which I already is missing, Think carefully what is needed, god things to think befor buying. Size, Optical viewer, Manuel times, Manuel focus, Normal battery, price, megapixlar.
God information and test in swedish is in

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Duplo Toolo lift and the parts

Duplo lift ready to go out and work

Duplo lift all toolo part needed to build, onl last picture there was a help bit for the foto. After building and used most of my special toolo part i understand that Toolo bricks is good to have many of

Duplo Van cab

Duplo Van with easy take away roof
Open, with white 2x2x1/2 blank brick from duplo dacta to make it easy.

Duplo Tank with figures insides

Duplo Tank which can be open for putting in figures,
the roof is also easy remoble for handlings figures.
Build on a 8x16 plate and with Actions Wheelers wheels.

Duplo Fire engine

Duplo Fire engine with fireman inside

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Start my first duplo blog

This blog is to inspire people to build more with LEGO DUPLO bricks. Please send me a mail if you have DUPLO picture or links.
This blogis not own or operate by LEGO Company

There are many different DUPLO bricks. Here should I show many bricks, and what can be build with them. LEGO make new set every year and some bricks can only be buy one year in store, but on Internet you can buy older bricks.

I have build with LEGO bricks from 3-12 years and now when getting children start buy and build DUPLO which is very fun and quick to build.

First i try to make a homepage on
which i free and work for smaller stuff with 3-5 pages, when I pictures of a lot of models i well need ftp access and then it begin to cost. It is nice and will work for referens of different type of duplo bricks.
now I try to get the pictures things to work out.

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