Monday, January 16, 2006

Choosing a wiki

Who to choose a wiki for a master lego index. If you have some small lego topic a wiki could be sollutions to let everybody help editing that. Here is different wikis. First choose is wikipedia which has many readers, but they have rules aginst many extern link and link pages saying that only one or two relevant External_links .
iF RUNNING OWN SERVER god reading is Comparison_of_wiki_software But that was no options i want a sollution that work over long time, not depending on me to handle a physic machine or paying a service for the day i AM out the communty the service will be stoped.
most persons have bookmarks on thier favorites pages, so only when searching for something new or when your are a beginner you need a good catalog over different times.
So there are alot of wikifarms Simons bridewell have test 14 free wikis and make the test in a wiki so you can get the look and feel. FreeWikiHosts Some have textbase GUI, PBWiki i like that befor i know there is only one password for everyone who shouold update, which only work in close groups when everybody knows each others. More wikis WikiFarms. I test JotSpot also but that is very unclear how much is free and when to pay.
WikiSpaces seems exactly what I need, and there is alot of the screenspace for you, they only use some in the up and bottom. It has text add in the right but your dont think much of it. So that day I dont pay the service the dns name is still their, the only thing is could be good to have is more manager to solve some troubles.
The Duplo things I have done is for the 10-100 interested in Duplo, but wiki-brick-links is for all person in lego community, it had some renaming pages and a move but know I think the structure is very good and easy to navigate, Non-english forum and groups are sorted under languages.

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