Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Juni 2006 Duplo is out

There is many interestings Duplo news for the rest of year 2006.
A new big pink doll house 4966 and big white police house 4965 has come now all duplo play set have change to 2 side big wall bricks on a 8x8 knob area insteed of the paper carton walls. In house you get 8 wall elememets, in police house 6 wall elemets. I have wait since 2005 for the big doll house, but I wanted red walls or more neutral color to make real looking house in my Duplo town.
The perfect Duplo starter set is the 5480 with a 5 windows and a red arch, 2 figures, and 2x6 car brick. A big box 5181 with 128 bricks to build animals for making a zoo with both grey and black pieses and two figures is out in States. Thomas the train have hit the stores in sweden, I bought all except Tobby. Bob the builder two new set. Later LEGO will have a Duplo pirate products with a ghostship 7881, shark attack 7882 and a small island called treasur hunt 7883.

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