Monday, September 12, 2005

Building a duplo skyscrapers

Building this toke some hours and my daugher help me finnish it up.
all pictures
I have been in legoland and buy some duplo my little robot set which had never been sold in sweden i think it had been sold only in UK

In sweden september 2005- jan 2006 catalog had arrived
Most thing can be bought in legoshop on web and some in toystores
A very big duplo castle 4785
Airport serie 7840-7843
Princess serie 4820-4822
New bob the builder sets 3292-3297

And the most interesting the new trainset with no intili bricks and with a plane plate 4 x 6 to build new engines models The big question can they go backwards
3770 handpush engine with a wagon
3771 , 3772 small and big batteri train set giving much more value than the olds ones
3773 crossing with a sign
3774 very nice bridge
3775 points to lower price and simpler design
3778 station
here is a glap in the serie wonder what will come on the number 3776 and 3777
To se picture and put referens number last in
In a swedish postage order toy store i found
But they dont bet my favorite 5213 with 140 pices
9 2x2, 23 2x4, 2 2x6, 1 2x8 in each color green,blue,red,yellow
which make easy to build some bigger structure, these set had only been
sold as a special offer in 2003-2004 in sweden, today very few is left on shelf
My all time favorite has strata 4039 which only i had seen in webshop a short time
it has 12 plates 2x4 4 transparant 2x2 2 transparant 2x4 4 whithe 2x2 21 2x4 33 2x2 and about 13 special bricks. This mix make a lot of interestings buildings

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