Monday, June 25, 2007

New Thomas duplo trains

For a DUPLO thomas lovers there is 3 more set coming
Gordon with 8 wheels plate and short 4 wheels cool wagon with a passenger coach, the nice is the new 8 wheels brick, more greet if it has the bar from steam engines. Spencer with the 8 wheels plats and the little boss figure which have been missing in the other Thomas set, they have no figures. It wish the have a the figures of the person running the train to.
sadly I want that figure but not the Spencer set. Salty is a diesel engine with 6 wheels and a short 4 wheels transport wagon.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Nice duplo ships

Here is Brickshelf user Jesper-Thuesen which has build 5 very nice ship in duplo, which look very realistic. There is a cargo-ship, coaster, fanoe-ferry, pilotship and a tanker. I hope he will build and document more ships in the future.


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