Friday, September 08, 2006

A major big duplo castle

Here is a real big duplo castle, when they sold out the old castle set 4777 Knights' Castle and 4776 Dragon Tower in sweden i bought one of each. The guy which called himself marsupilami in brickshelf (more pictures) must have 5 4779 Defence Tower at least 4-6 4777 Knights' Castle and some 4776 Dragon Tower and at least one 4785 Black Castle which is a large castle one that set. Beside that a huge number of transparant bricks which is in only a few duplo set. If Lego group have build it I am not so impress, but if this a work of private person I am very impress. the article about it in The brother brick blog which make many entries a week about nice Lego moc. Now they are four bloggers.

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