Saturday, November 19, 2005

How to publish a duplo train movie on the and other places

I build a duplo town for children to play with and for making a movie, adding my small digital camera on a train. With two extra 500W light it worked out in the first shoot after 3 houres prepering and testing.
I tried to upload the small 1 MB on brickshelf, they didnt accept it. So were to find a free movie site? In is a great resours for everything about lego movies and a index over movies, but have no storage. They like but your need the guide to get anything up there.

I put up the movie on 3 movie service here you can compare the differens free movies, downloads, tags, stats, review, ratings, no ads 10 movie 2minutes, 1000 pictures No tags,comments, search only for user names, comments, watch only online. free movies, tags, rates, (many movies not for children), watch only online.

Jusspress can store thumbsnails which go direct to jusspress and the movie or picture.

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