Sunday, May 22, 2005

DUPLO Trains and Thomas 2005 has arrived on photo

When looking in bricksset in Duplo, Trains I se the set 3770-3775,3778 in picture.
Buy watching picturw I think it is like
3770 My first train, push train and 1 wagon
3771 Train Starter set, look like battery train engine with 4x6 knob to build what you want and 4x2 knobs which is starter button and a wagon. Track with a crossing, I think it would be build like a 8
3772 Delux Train Set, Engine with 2 wagons, and one point and a big 4x8 tip wagon
3774 Bridge nice looking with new big element size about 4x8 and 6 hieght

Thomas the engine push trains It can be bougt at in USA, I hope find any shop which can ship it to sweden. Here the boxes here pictures
5552 james which is a big engine so it have a standar 2x6 train brick and a think a 2x4 small wagon for col.
Both 5554 Thomas and pecry 5556 set had i new turn brick 2x2x1.
The best thing It seem to take a thomas set and make it motorized with the set above.
I feel buying 3772 deluxe, 3774 bridge, thomas 5554, james 5552, percy 5556 set.
It seems that my kid will recive alot of trains for christmas evening. /Klasbricks

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