Friday, May 27, 2005

Small lego, have greats fans and builders

I feel hapy for somebody have seen my DUPLO stuff. I had 396 visitors on monorail, 221 on circus, 223 on cars on my

Here is a sidestep in the DUPLO-blog just to show some great normal lego builders which makes one to feel very simple but when searching for DUPLO i stumble over amazing things

A lot of trains more than 20 engines ,how much this must have cost go up and se all his other stuff

A model of the one of the worlds larges mobil lattic boom cranes Gottwald_AK850-1 the model is 5.2 m height and toke 250 hours to build of 6676 bricks. Other stuff off him

From the movie wing commander the carrier and other stuff of Dan Jassim

How to build a grandfathers clock with lego grandfathers

How to solve the cube with lego Cubesolver

Some shows
Pakenham Modellers Group Show 14-15 May 2005
Brisbane Train Show 2005
Ithaca train show
Finger Lakes Rail Fair April 2004
Museum of American Heritage exhibit Dec 2004
Buildings from the TCLTC layout

Amazing thing on brickshelf there publishing 20-40 more picture and galleries every days
at this the moment it just went down I realy hope they will get brickshef up again.

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