Friday, May 27, 2005

Small lego, have greats fans and builders

I feel hapy for somebody have seen my DUPLO stuff. I had 396 visitors on monorail, 221 on circus, 223 on cars on my

Here is a sidestep in the DUPLO-blog just to show some great normal lego builders which makes one to feel very simple but when searching for DUPLO i stumble over amazing things

A lot of trains more than 20 engines ,how much this must have cost go up and se all his other stuff

A model of the one of the worlds larges mobil lattic boom cranes Gottwald_AK850-1 the model is 5.2 m height and toke 250 hours to build of 6676 bricks. Other stuff off him

From the movie wing commander the carrier and other stuff of Dan Jassim

How to build a grandfathers clock with lego grandfathers

How to solve the cube with lego Cubesolver

Some shows
Pakenham Modellers Group Show 14-15 May 2005
Brisbane Train Show 2005
Ithaca train show
Finger Lakes Rail Fair April 2004
Museum of American Heritage exhibit Dec 2004
Buildings from the TCLTC layout

Amazing thing on brickshelf there publishing 20-40 more picture and galleries every days
at this the moment it just went down I realy hope they will get brickshef up again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cool duplo pictures found on brickshelf

Today I started a brickshelf acount it's free and you can publish pictures of LEGO things it has no catogory for duplo but you can put your on keywords
Here is my best duplo models shots

Here is some others people duplo stuff i found searching on duplo on very big duplo town Old town in duplo house and a new bug

On internet search for duplo, found for student DC city 2002 very big duplo town duplo camp 1999

Sunday, May 22, 2005

DUPLO Trains and Thomas 2005 has arrived on photo

When looking in bricksset in Duplo, Trains I se the set 3770-3775,3778 in picture.
Buy watching picturw I think it is like
3770 My first train, push train and 1 wagon
3771 Train Starter set, look like battery train engine with 4x6 knob to build what you want and 4x2 knobs which is starter button and a wagon. Track with a crossing, I think it would be build like a 8
3772 Delux Train Set, Engine with 2 wagons, and one point and a big 4x8 tip wagon
3774 Bridge nice looking with new big element size about 4x8 and 6 hieght

Thomas the engine push trains It can be bougt at in USA, I hope find any shop which can ship it to sweden. Here the boxes here pictures
5552 james which is a big engine so it have a standar 2x6 train brick and a think a 2x4 small wagon for col.
Both 5554 Thomas and pecry 5556 set had i new turn brick 2x2x1.
The best thing It seem to take a thomas set and make it motorized with the set above.
I feel buying 3772 deluxe, 3774 bridge, thomas 5554, james 5552, percy 5556 set.
It seems that my kid will recive alot of trains for christmas evening. /Klasbricks

How to buy a digital cammera

When i look for digital cammera the site imaging-resource had more than all info i needed, it has long reviews which says more about my cammera than the manual did.
I bought casio EZ-55 which have manunell focus, which is small and nice but havn't manuel time and blender which I already is missing, Think carefully what is needed, god things to think befor buying. Size, Optical viewer, Manuel times, Manuel focus, Normal battery, price, megapixlar.
God information and test in swedish is in

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Duplo Toolo lift and the parts

Duplo lift ready to go out and work

Duplo lift all toolo part needed to build, onl last picture there was a help bit for the foto. After building and used most of my special toolo part i understand that Toolo bricks is good to have many of

Duplo Van cab

Duplo Van with easy take away roof
Open, with white 2x2x1/2 blank brick from duplo dacta to make it easy.

Duplo Tank with figures insides

Duplo Tank which can be open for putting in figures,
the roof is also easy remoble for handlings figures.
Build on a 8x16 plate and with Actions Wheelers wheels.

Duplo Fire engine

Duplo Fire engine with fireman inside

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Start my first duplo blog

This blog is to inspire people to build more with LEGO DUPLO bricks. Please send me a mail if you have DUPLO picture or links.
This blogis not own or operate by LEGO Company

There are many different DUPLO bricks. Here should I show many bricks, and what can be build with them. LEGO make new set every year and some bricks can only be buy one year in store, but on Internet you can buy older bricks.

I have build with LEGO bricks from 3-12 years and now when getting children start buy and build DUPLO which is very fun and quick to build.

First i try to make a homepage on
which i free and work for smaller stuff with 3-5 pages, when I pictures of a lot of models i well need ftp access and then it begin to cost. It is nice and will work for referens of different type of duplo bricks.
now I try to get the pictures things to work out.

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