Monday, December 19, 2005

2006 duplo set has arrived in lego shop

The big news is that Duplo Thomas the engine has arrived sets 5552, 5554, 5555, 5556 has arrived in many more country as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, not Spain and Portugal. In USA and Canada Thomas has got two more friend Harold the Helicopter 3300, not very interesting with a two pieces helicopter. Much interesting is the Cargo-Loading Cranky 3301 which has a turnbrick with a base of 4 x 4 knobs, if it has more than 4 knobs on upside this is what I been waiting years for, a Duplo turnbrick.
The large Duplo zoo set 4968 is there but not the big zoo 4960 which has been in the sneak previews. Many car and transport set has arrived. Now there is 3 set with a 2 x 2 turnbrick Airport Rescue Truck 7844, Thomas 5554 and to the lowest price Percy 5556 in Sweden. Many other nice lego set can be found at shop at home i like the new serie of mechas called EXO-force 7700 - 7705, 7708, 7011. I like the city ambulance 7890 and Harry Potter in graveyard duel 4766.
The skyscrapes in brickshelf has been viewed more than 2500 times which is 10 time more than most of my duplo constructions.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Duplo movie town pictures

First I build a big duplo town for making a playground with homes, offices and stores to have all normal service in life. There is many functions missings but my bricks and floor space was enough to 13 buildning. Later I rebuild the lego town with the train in the middle. Buy two 500W lamps and make the movie. With two extra 500w lamps long shutter time and manuel with balans I could take real good models photos. Photes label movie town is taking with extra light.

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