Thursday, July 13, 2006

DUPLO pirates is out in Europe

In Europe shop at home (The link can changes) you can buy 4 different duplo pirat set.
7883 Treasure Hunt with a skeleton figure, an muskeet and cheest.
Shark Attack With a large one piece shark and a duplo chain
7881 DUPLO® Pirate Ship With a large shippart (sadly) and a working and childrens safe gun.
DUPLO® Big Pirate Ship Large duplo ship many special pieses.
This set make some interesting new DUPLO parts I will go for at leats one 7883 and if I get a good price for 7881 the ship to get chain.
For the moment this thing is found in baby and toddle section 0-2 years, and the set is label 3-6 or 4-7 so the links maybee will be updated. Most of the time US get the new stuff first so this is interesting.
I found building links to instructions on Brickley’s Words to LEGO site for PDF-big-pirat-ship and PDF-pirat-ship. The chain an anchor is two pieces thanks for that.

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