Saturday, October 01, 2005

Building 15 floor duplo skyscrap

This LEGO Duplo Skyscrapers is 235 cm 7 ft 8 in height. It has 15 stories and underground is a subways station. It was build in 3 part subways stastion, 7 big floor and last 8 floor with balcony it took about 4 buildings days not full time. It nice with Duplo it goes relly fast as soon the design is finnish.
It is more than more than 1300 Duplo bricks. It have taken month to get buy all bricks. I have over one years time bought 10 duplo set 5213 which is 140 bricks and 96 of 2x4 in four color so now I am ready to build big duplo things. like this skyscrapers. It had 839 viewers in 7 days in brickshelf which is a new record for me, I it is fun to se that many peoble is interested to see work in duplo to.

I found one more serious duplo builder in brickshelf
which nice duplo themes

I bought more part from duplo-anna and mystic sweet which is base in german but booth ship wordwide and speak english in mail both take paypal, this is my two favorites duplo shops. The descriptions is in german.
Ebay Duplo shops: Mystic sweet, Duplo figures, puppets, house, bricks
Ebay Duplo shops: Duplo Anna, Duplo trains wagons and tracks

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